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Optional Workshops and Tours

Optional Tours are offered on the days before and after the conference as well as during the afternoon sessions. Optional tours are costed to include all workshop costs and transport. During the registration process, registrants will be able to choose the optional tours they wish to take. It is highly recommended that your book your options early to avoid disappointment.

Check this page regularly as we may be offering additional possibilities.

Green School Tours -

Experience a tour of one of the best-recognised models of sustainable education and schooling in the world. 

'Join us for a Jalan Jalan (Indonesian for ‘a walk’) around our beautiful bamboo campus. In addition to the famous architecture, you’ll learn about our sustainability practices and what it’s like to be a Green School student in this progressive and wall-less place of learning.

Your Jalan Jalan tour leader, who may be a staff member, parent, or student, will guide you around the campus while sharing the Green School story and answering your questions. What will be your favourite? Aquaponics, the majestic bridge, the micro-hydro vortex, or the Green School music you’re sure to hear in the background! The tour will include the opportunity to sit for a while with an educator from the school and discuss their wisdom.

Tours will be offered in the afternoons Monday to Wednesday and will include transport to and from the conference venue. The Green School is located one hour from Alam Artelier.

PLACES ARE LIMITED; Please book early to avoid disappointment.

MAX 30 Participants

Cost :  $55

Learn and enjoy the Art of Batik In Bali

The term batik refers to a cloth that has been decorated with a wax resist technique. A Pattern is applied in hot wax onto a piece of cloth, usually cotton. When the cloth is later dyed, those parts which have been treated with wax will not take up the dye: when the wax is removed a pattern of white lines will be left.

In a village just north of Ubud, Bali, Widya offers batik instruction, personal or in a workshop format, to locals and visitors alike, materials are provided. 

Full Day Batik Workshops: (Offered pre and post-conference): Experience a  workshop where you will create a unique batik design and fabric.

The tool used to apply wax in fine lines is called a "chanting". A chanting tool consists of two parts, the handle which is made from Bamboo and the front spout which is made of copper.

STAMPING Stamping, a method later developed in Java, is another way to apply wax. Stamping can be done by hand, or combined with "batik tulis". Mass produced batiks are often made with the help of machine stampers.

Unlike in many batik studios which use chemically based dyes, all of the dyes used in Widya's Batik
studio are organic and are made from plants, flowers, vegetables and minerals.
Some of WIdya'a colour is "light-activated," stabilising and changing to true colour in the sun.
Other colours change to their true colour in the fixing process.

Costs include workshop fees and transport from the conference venue.

Max 24 Participants

Cost Full Day Workshops: $65

Go Shopping

Need time to do some shopping? Vans will leave for the shopping area of Seminyak so that you can look around and find what you need.


Transport Cost $10.00


Pamper yourself with a quality massage. Buses will transport you to your spa and return you to Alam Atelier or your accomodation relaxed and ready to enjoy your evening. If you choose this option a variety of variety of massage types will be offered at registration.

Cost for massage and transport: $45

Fruit Carving

Do you remember the silly fun you had when a young person compelled you to help them build their sand castle at the edge of the ocean surf? Fruit carving can evoke the same innocent fun and sense of discovery. Taking a simple piece of ‘food’ and crafting an animal form, or creating a spreading flower creation, can be a delightful way to spend an afternoon, Our guests are always surprised at the many techniques our guru employs to craft a special shape from a simple fruit or vegetable. And this is a craft one can employ in the future to make your important holiday meals just a little bit more unique. Set aside a few hours with a special someone to laugh and marvel as you craft a carrot ‘butterfly’ and a ‘lotus’ melon. Leave your normal day behind and settle in to explore this nuanced craft with our Balinese expert.

This workshop will be held at the conference venue.

Max 20 participants

Cost of Materials and workshop: $32.00

Hindu Offerings

In Hinduism, mankind is responsible for maintaining the ‘energy balance’ of the universe. This responsibility is fulfilled every day with the ritualised offerings prepared for all the various aspects which God manifests. When Hindus offer their offerings and prayers, God’s universe is re-energised and continues it’s existence unaltered. To not fulfil this responsibility is to bring disaster down upon ourselves and our world. Over hundreds of years, the Balinese women who create the daily offerings have crafted numerous, elegant arrangements from the natural bounty of Bali’s forests and farms. Spend two hours with us while we introduce you to the craft and the cultural-bounty that is Balinese ‘canang’- daily offerings.


Cost of materials and workshop: $32


Bamboo Model Making

Learn how to make a bamboo house architectural model like the IBUKU team. These are scaled structural models made of hand-whittled bamboo sticks.

Learning how to transform and create using a variety of materials helps children to make their ideas and learning visible. This workshop will teach educators the skills they need to lead children in the discovery of the joy of bamboo.



Cost: $100

Silver Jewellery Workshop

This workshop will satisfy your curiosity about this traditional and wonderful art of silver-smithing and give you the sense of accomplishment in creating a simple piece to take with you as a memory from your holiday. All of this in a fun day out socialising and enjoying our tropical surroundings.

On the day, we will provide:
Filtered Sumatran coffee mixed fresh fruit juices, ice tea, tea and water
5 grammes of silver each to make your chosen ring/pendant or earrings
Tuition, use of fully equipped workshop and tools
Photos of you making your piece and the jewellery piece itself sent to your email
This Taster Workshop is a great way to to start your interest in silver-smithing or just have a fun day out with not too much thinking to be done.

We offer you an insight into silversmithing by providing first a demonstration on the properties of silver which you will follow. We show you how to texture your silver piece whether it be a ring or pendant you decide to make, there are so many ways to create a subtle feel to your piece. Laminating, wire spiraling, creating silver balls and applying them, satin finish with the polisher....there is much you can do, but remember the piece needs to be simple as you have a limited time of 3 hours. See what can be achieved from our pictures.

Extra silver can be purchased for $1.10 USD per gram

Cost Workshop/ Materials and Transport: $95

Shopping for the Classroom

Take a day and go shopping at Gianyar and Tegalalang.

Tegallalang handicraft centre is famous for arts and crafts, located in the district of the same name just several kilometres north of the main Ubud hub. The Jalan Raya Tegallalang main road traverses 10.5km through this Bali heartland, and halfway you will find the famous scenic stopover on most day excursions to the northern parts of the island such as Kintamani via Ubud. Although agriculture still remains the primary source of living among locals, the area and surrounding villages also produce a large variety of curios. Tegallalang handicraft centre owes to the various cottage industries found here, which deal with the manufacture and worldwide exports of an assortment of handicrafts and furniture items. 


It is not an overstatement to say that perhaps the Tegallalang route may also have the longest row of art shops in the world, making a drive along the main route a colourful one indeed.

Read more at:

Delegates will leave for a day of shopping with lunch at a scenic location. (Lunch not included )

If you need goods shipped back home we hope to arrange shipping agents for you who with ship and fumigate goods if needed.