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Gillian McAuliffe

Director, Practical Wisdom
Bio Gillian McAuliffe Education Consultant and Mentor- Practical Wisdom Founder Bold Park... More

Neeltje Sutandjati

Director, The Interdisciplinary School of Multiple Intelligences Learning and Enrichment,
Neeltje Sutandjati discovered her passion for children in church ministry and went on to pursue... More

Toni Christie

Director, Childspace
Christie is the Director of the Childspace Early Childhood Institute in Wellington, NZ. She is... More

Rusty Keeler

Director Earth Play, Co-Founder and Designer The Just Play Project., Earth Play
For over 25 years Rusty Keeler has worked around the world with school and community leaders to... More

Lycel Arboleda

Pedagogista, ISMILE Family of Schools Indonesia Center Coordinator, Alam Atelier School, Bali, Alam Atelier - ISMIL
Lycel Arboleda is the School Pedagogista for the ISMILE Family of Schools based in Indonesia.... More

Dr Jacqueline Chung

Senior Principal and Academic Director, St. James’ Church Kindergarten in Singapore
Jacqueline is the Senior Principal and Academic Director of St. James’ Church Kindergarten... More

Prof. Dr. Ir. Netti Herawati, M.Si

Daniel Burton

Co-Director, Education Consultant & Nature Educator, Nature Connection Mentor, Educated by Nature
Daniel is a qualified primary school teacher, an education consultant and passionate nature... More

Trudi Bennet

Co-Director, Education Consultant & Nature Educator, Nature Connection Mentor, Educated by Nature
Trudi grew up finding both solace and adventure in her backyard and local bushland. She studied... More

Robin Christie

Director, Child Space
Robin Christie is an early childhood teacher who designs and builds learning spaces for young... More

Beepsie Mayuga

Educator, Oakwood Academy
Beepsie Mayuga has taken a long and circuitous route – from being a copywriter in a PR... More

Femia Ong Saynes

- Co-ordinator /Nursery Educator, Ismile Bandung
My name is Femia Ong Saynes, I am a Medical Doctor with a Diploma in Special Education. ... More

Melanie Vega

Primary Teacher, ALamAtelier ISMILE
Melanie Vega is a graduate of Bachelor of Education in Special Education at the University of... More

Rhys George

Arts Team Leader, Bold Park Community School
Bio Rhys George is a media-arts specialist who holds a Bachelor of Education, Post-Graduate... More

Dee Finn

Principal, Childspace
Hailing from beautiful West Cork, Dee Finn is the Principal at Childspace. Dee brings... More

Marion Briers

Owner, Nurture Through Nature Mandurah Currently Director South Coast Baptist School of Early Learning
Marion Briers  experience in leadership in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector... More

Jane Corrigan

Jane Corrigan is centre director of Ngaio Childspace in Wellington, New Zealand. She has an... More

Joanna Merton

Professional Development Consultant & Facilitator, Inspire Me Professional Development Company Inc.
With over 20 years’ experience in the Early Childhood profession, Joanna Merton has... More

Rodney Davies

Deputy Priincipal, Woodleigh School- Head of Junior Campus
Rodney Davies is a primary school educator with over 30 years’ experience in early... More

Catherine Lee

Teaching Director, Point Pre-school
Catherine is an early childhood teacher and is currently the Teaching Director of The Point... More

Noel Jensen

Keeping it Simply Smart. Early Years Natural Resources and Professional Development., Owner and Creative Director
Noel Jensen has worked in the Children’s Services sector for 25 years and been a strong... More

Cara Lee

Cara is the Academic Head and Head of Preschool Practicum Centre in St James’ Church Kindergarten (SJCK), Singapore. , St James’ Church Kindergarten (SJCK), Singapore. 
Cara is the Academic Head and Head of Preschool Practicum Centre in St James’ Church... More

Michelle Beakley

Director, Galas Nest
Michelle Beakley commenced her education and care journey in 2004 when she opened her long day... More

Michelle Worthington

Owner/Director, Bambini
I am the owner of a purpose built centre Bambini in Regional NSW. Bambini came from a strong... More

Nicki Garrett

Head of Business Development, Guardian Early Learning Group
Nicki Garrett has been the Head of Business Development at the Guardian Early Learning Group... More

Robby McGarvey

Director, MOCCA
Robby McGarvey- It gives me great pleasure to share my family history and original place of... More

Shweta Arora

Senior Manager Academic Research, Montana Pre-school
   Shweta Arora has done her post – graduation in Human Development from... More